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Our limitless catalog of painting services make Moorhouse the most appealing company for commercial shopping centers in the greater Los Angeles area. As all of our retail customers know, we work around the clock—nights, weekends and holidays. Shut downs are part of our business model.  If this is something that will be a priority for your retail location or customers, please keep us in mind.

Sacrificial Graffiti Coatings

Graffiti is a problem in Los Angeles. We use a shield with optically clear polymers that serve as a barrier between your wall and those who would attempt to harm it. These polymers form weak bonds with the surface coating and are easy to remove if needed, leaving your wall strong and protected beneath.

Semi-Sacrificial Coatings

A tougher shield, but also tougher to remove. Instead of a simple power wash, it will also require graffiti removal solvent. Generally, this shield is removed and reapplied after every second attack.

Permanent Coatings

Despite the relatively higher cost, this shield is most effective and easiest to maintain. Like an anti-vandal force field, this coat has properties that prevent spray paint from even bonding with the wall. After an attack, all that is needed is a solvent to wipe away the damage. Simple.

Business as Usual

For many companies doing business in Los Angeles, stopping production or shifting employees is simply unfeasible. A ceiling needs to be painted. Tiles needs to be restored. But the process must be completed with merchandise in place. The show must go on! Moorhouse understands this well, which is why we have developed methods to accommodate “business-as-usual” environments. We stay out of your way. Believe us, it’s possible, and we perform these services all over the South West.

Maintenance Plans

We also offer effective maintenance programs, providing the longest lifespan and value of the paint job. Avoid the mammoth undertaking that painting an entire space can become, and consider setting up a maintenance plan to get the most bang out of your buck.